symptoms of covid19

Symptoms of COVID19

In April 2020, Testing Experts Confirmed Across the U.S. testing that the virus ha been here for some time ad making people sick.

How would we know That Occasional Cough or Sneeze is COVID-19?

New World Health Organization analysis more than 55k cases Confirmed in china; these are the percentage of people and the breakdown of common symptoms. 

If you feel about any symptoms, first call to doctor not directly go there clinic because that might spread the infection around the doctor’s clinic. And they may give you telemedicine visit

According to research, people take average sick time is 5days to get virus detected, some people fall ill within 2weeks, or some get faster after a day to get virus detected. That is the reason quarantine people for about 2weeks.

  • Dry Cough: 68%
  • Fever: 87%
  • Fatigue: 36%
  • Coughing or thick Phelgm, from the lungs: 33%
  • Shortness breath: 20%
  • Bone pain or joint pain: 17%
  • Sore throat: 15%
  • Headche: 15%
  • Chills: 12%
  • Nausea or vomiting: 6%
  • Stuffy nose: 6%
  • Diarrhea: 5%
  • Coughing blood: 2%
  • Swollen eyes: 2%

COVID-19 is Different from other cold and flu; This Virus is an Upper respiratory tract infection. Where you feel sinus congestion and runny nose unless most of the virus symptoms are occur in the chest and lungs.

The Symptoms not seems immediately as most people not unheard of these symptoms.

China Has good news that most of the people who got sick by COVID-19 80%had mild to moderate symptoms.

The U.S. will Manage these symptoms by staying home, and doctors also feel the same there.

Director of Nation center for immunization and respiratory Diseases is Nancy Messonnier said for virus diseases that virus has new, and it spread from person to person. Immunity needs to fight with them.

She Said in the United state many people will get sick by this virus it maybe this year or to the next year. It is not fair to say that as the trajectory of the outbreak, but We do not know that people have immunity to fight with that virus.  

In China, who had tested positive in COVID-19, About 20% of People Have different types of symptoms, which include deep breathing, which is more than 30 breaths in a minute, and their blood has low oxygen. When patients get hospitalized, they need extra oxygen and special air breath equipment. 

Patients have a low energy level developed organ failure symptoms. In 20%patients, about 1% is going in a critical situation. 

Who have medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, cancer, diabetes and seems highest risk for severe illness is COVID-19 patient and in China highest no of death has been in adult over the age of 70-80?


Messonnier said. “This is the time when you and your family to take action,” 

Advised to take everyday precautions:

· Stay distance from sick people.

· Wash your hands every 15minutes

· Stay untouched surfaces in public places (like the elevator, lifts, and door handles).

· Stay distance from the crowd.

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