Lockdown 4.0: What states are saying about relaxation

Several state governments want complete shutdowns only in security zones so that almost all activities, with the exception of large social gatherings and educational institutions, can be resumed during the 4.0 shutdown.

Officials in several states said that the guidelines for defining security zones, an important guide for enforcing Lockdown 4.0, would be available by Saturday and that a district would likely be divided into red, orange, and green zones, unlike the existing method, categorize an entire district as red, orange, or green.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address to the nation on Monday that Block 4.0 will have a “completely different form” with new rules.

The current blackout period – the third since its enforcement on March 25th – is due to end on Sunday.

The following will likely happen during Block 4.0:

  • * From the perspective of government officials, it seems likely that states will allow all industrial activities, offices, and independent markets to resume from May 18.
  • * Public transport, including cars and taxis, would be resumed with certain restrictions on the number of passengers and inner-city travel except for the security zones. Interstate travel can also be opened, but only for people with passports.
  • * Permission is also likely to be granted for all types of home delivery, officials said.
  • * Educational institutions remain closed, and several states are expected to declare summer vacations in late May or June.
  • * Religious and political gatherings are unlikely to be allowed for long periods of time, other than activities that require or encourage mass gatherings or community participation, including shopping in malls and other public places.
  • * Marriages and funerals would be allowed with limited participants, officials said.
  • Which states want:
  • * Maharashtra, which has the maximum number of Covid cases, has submitted its position to the center to extend the suspension. The state advocates expansion with more relaxation in less affected areas to ensure that economic activity is gradually resumed.
  • State Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the red zone decision will be made by May 18, but the state government is considering easing the blockade in unaffected areas, including red zones. In cities that are largely affected, such as Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Nashik, business can also relax.
  • * The Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, said markets, shopping malls, public transportation, including the Delhi subway, and all offices should be allowed to open with less footprint and staggered operation.
  • * Gujarat, which has the third highest number of Covid-19 cases, wants to resume all economic activity in all major urban centers, with the exception of Ahmedabad, which accounts for 70% of the state’s cases.
  • * Some states may have country-specific easing, for example the government of Karnataka advocates resuming interstate travel with a mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers.
  • * Even the government of Rajasthan prefers international travel. However, Kerala only wants interstate travel on the basis of a passport, while Bihar and Jharkhand are against interstate travel by individuals and have asked the center for a guidance document.
  • * Telangana, which has extended the hold until May 29, is expected to announce further easing in sectors such as information technology and real estate.
  • * Kerala wants to resume subway services, local trains, domestic flights, restaurants and hotels to revitalize the tourism sector.
  • * Karnataka can open restaurants, hotels and gyms. Andhra Pradesh has proposed resuming all activities except the security areas. Both Himachal and Uttarakhand would allow hotels and resorts to open with limited capacity.
  • * Tamil Nadu, another industrialized country, plans to open all locations except the security areas., Punjab Prime Minister Amarinder Singh asked for an extension of the ban and during the meeting with PM Modi stated that “we have to have a strong ban. I will curfew ”.
  • * Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha want to continue tightening locks as their Covid 19 cases increase due to the return of migrant workers. Jharkhands Minister for Rural.

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