Everyone wants justice for pregnant elephants killed in Kerala

In a brutal animal abuse incident, a pregnant elephant died in Kerala after eating a pineapple filled with crackers. It was said to be offered to her by a local who had filled the fruit with crackers. The incident has made people from all walks of life angry and they are not holding back while condemning this brutality. People have gone on Twitter and other social media platforms to express their anger about the incident and are also calling for action against the perpetrators.

“It died while standing in the Velliyar River after suffering a lower jaw injury,” the Silent Valley National Park wildlife officer told ANI.

The actors Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Shraddha Kapoor and Randeep Hooda are among those who have reported on Twitter to speak against this heinous act.

“Maybe animals are less wild and people are less human. What happened to this elephant is heartbreaking, inhumane and unacceptable! “Akshay Kumar tweeted. “Strict measures should be taken against the perpetrators,” he added, sharing a picture of the dead animal.

Anushka Sharma shared an Instagram post and tagged Kerala’s prime ministers. In her post, she shared an encouraging sketch of an imaginary conversation that took place between the mother and her unborn baby, and credited it to Bratuti. In the headline of the post, Sharma described the entire story of how the elephant was killed.

“Choose a face from anyone who throws stones at a stray dog ??to someone who hurts a living soul. Many of these animals trust humans because they have been helped in the past. It is immeasurably cruel. If you lack empathy and kindness, you don’t deserve to be called a human. Hurting someone is not human, ”she added. In the following lines, she asked for justice for the innocent animal.

“Until the guilty are punished in the worst way, these evil monsters will never fear the law. Although it is a difficult task, I hope that they can find out whoever committed the crime and punish them accordingly.

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