Corona Virus Live - Bengaluru Urban

This Bengaluru Urban is located in Karnataka City , india .We provide current active covid-19 cases recorded in Bengaluru Urban .

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Coronavirus Cases in Bengaluru Urban in Karnataka

Below is the details of Bengaluru Urban Coronavirus cases. We provide detailed information like confirmed covid-19 cases in Bengaluru Urban,active covid-19 cases in Bengaluru Urban,recovered covid-19 cases in Bengaluru Urban,deaths covid-19 cases in Bengaluru Urban

Last Updated :Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

about 1 mins ago

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CoronaVirus Live Update Bengaluru Urban

State Karnataka
Confirmed 329250
Today Confirmed 0

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CoronaVirus Map

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CoronaVirus Map is graphical repersentation of coronavirus cases recorded in different states or district. Also there re different coronavirus map available which provide the world-wide trend of corona virus. Covid19 Map Also is a realtime map which basically get updated on daily bases. This helps us to understand the current status of coronavirus in india or world.