Tips for Coronavirus

Dealing with stress due to Coronavirus anxiety

As we all are living in fears caused by COVID-19, which

may impact your mental health. But you have the power to overcome that. Below

we have provided the tips which help you to get through this stressful phase.

Understand your Problem or Fear

It’s a terrible time for all. Our world is struggling

with a global pandemic that is lockdown many cities and even entire countries.

Right now, some of our daily life is affected by Coronavirus. Others are

preparing for the time that might come. And we all watching the news headlines

and ask ourselves, “What is going to happen next?”

For many people, as there is no certainty about Coronavirus, the impact is the most challenging part. We don’t know about the effect of Coronavirus

and how much it will affect our lives in the future. And that makes us feel the

fear and panic. But when there is a problem, there must be some solution as

well. So here we will provide you things you can do- to phase these crises and

deal with it well.

Stay informed—but don’t obsessively follow the news

It’s essential to stay informed, particularly about

what’s happening in your locality. It will help you to support the advice

regarding safety precautions, and that way, you will do your bit to slow down

the spread of Coronavirus. But some people are spreading lots of misleading

information as well as sensationalistic coverage that only feeds fear in our

minds. It’s essential that you must be sure of what to read and watch.

•Always follow trustworthy sources like world health

organizations or government health authorities.

• Check for Coronavirus updates on a limit basis. If you

try to follow the news and social media regularly can make you feel compulsive

and counterproductive. It cause anxiety rather than easing. So try to limit

yourself according to your comfort level.

• Stop watching and following media if you are feeling

Step away from media if you start feeling moved If you think anxiety

continuously then try to limit your media time to specific time frame like

1hour each morning at 7 am 

• If you feel like avoiding media like Tv news, News

websites, or social media like WhatsApp messages or Face book, then ask someone

who you trust to pass the critical updates Ask someone reliable to share

important updates. If avoiding media makes you feel better, then do that.

• Be careful when you share information with others. It’s

essential to verify the sources before sharing it. It’s important that we make sure we avoid spreading rumors and cause unnecessary panic in people around you.

Focus on the things you can control

The world is in great trouble due to Coronavirus. And

there are many things which we cannot control, including people’s behavior,

events or festivals in different communities and also the duration of the

pandemic. There are many things which keep happening around us, and also there

is the internet where we find much misleading information. However, it’s not good

to focus on the question with undetectable answers.

If you feel fear that what would happen to you, then try

to focus on that, you can control. There are always things which you can hardly

control like an outbreak of the Coronavirus, but you can try to control it by

avoiding no or less social contract. Less social contact will help to reduce

the risk of spreading the Coronavirus and save much life, including yours.

Below are the steps to follow :

• Try to wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 30

seconds with soap and water or alcohol bases hand sanitizer (contains 60% of


 • Try to avoid touching your face (especially your

mouth, nose, and eyes).

• Try to avoid social contact by staying at home as much

as possible. 

• Try to maintain social distancing and avoid crowd

gatherings of 10 or more people.

• Try to avoid going out of the house for all

non-essential purchases and trips.

•Try to maintain 6 feet between yourself and others when

you are out.

• Try to get a lot of sleep, which supports to increase

your immune system.

• Try to follow all recommendations from health

authorities to prevent Coronavirus spreading.

Plan what you can do

You must plan what you can do when your office or your

children’s school is close, or you or someone near you gets sick or quarantine

yourself. As we are thinking about, these will really can affect us, but we have

to be proactive in helping to reduce fear.

• First, write down all the particular concerns about how

Coronavirus could cause a problem in your life. 

•Second, try to write all the possible solutions you can

think and comes to your mind. That will make you well prepared for anything

that happens to you or your dear once.

•Try to focus on the things which you can control and try

to solve or change that only. No, try to focus on something which is beyond

your control.

• Finally, After evaluating all the possible options, you

have to make an action plan . Once an action plan is ready, keep it aside until

you need it. 

Stay connected – even if you are physically isolated

We must connect with physical isolation. As many people

who are healthy and not having any symptoms of the Coronavirus can still spread

the virus. So, the best thing all people can do right now is to keep

maintaining the social distancing.

Social distancing is useful for controlling the spread of

Coronavirus. Still, as we all know, humans are also social animals, and once we

try to keep them in isolation, it can also cause anxiety and depression or may

also affect some people’s health. So it’s essential to be keeping social

distancing, but it is also necessary to stay connected.

•Many countries forced lockdown, so we are locked in our

home or isolated with any physical contact. In this situation, it’s crucial to

make a priority to keep in touch with your friends and family through calls,

chat, WhatsApp, video conferencing, etc. 

• While getting in touch with people personally is

limited in this situation, so try to replace it with video chats. Stay

connected with near and dear once is like a “vitamin” for mental

health, and that helps in reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.

 •In a situation where we have to follow social

distancing, it’s vital to connect with people of our communities, group, our

country, and the world through social media. It makes us feel that we all are


• It’s also essential to avoid some people talking to

some people who feed negativity in your mind. Also, try to mute negative

keywords, which may make you feel bad.

 • It’s also important to enjoy life and don’t make

the Coronavirus dominate your each h conversation. We must enjoy our life,

so keep laughing, share stories, and focus on all the other essential things in


Take care of your body and mind

As we all know, this is a stressful time, and we must

follow all the above tips to handle this stress. Also, we have to make healthy

meals, take proper sleep, and do mediation as well. Below we also mention some

tips for self-care to avoid different disorders caused by a Coronavirus.

• Its always necessary to take care of yourself and be

kind to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone can, so you have to

handle yourself better in Coronavirus. Try to keep yourself positive, and that

also prevents depression and anxiety caused by a Coronavirus.

• Make a daily routine for yourself and try to follow

that as much as possible as it helps in maintaining the work-life balance. You

may be lockdown in your home, but still, you can develop a good routine to keep yourself fit.

 • Activities always make you feel fresh and happy.

So it’s good to take time out for some activities which you enjoy. Some of them

like to read good books, some of them want to watch a comedy or play indoor

games. Some people want to learn a new recipe, craft, or artwork. It’s not

important what you are doing as long as you are enjoying it.

 •It’s essential to go to nature and enjoy the

sunshine and fresh air. Also you can walk in your locality to keep yourself fresh .It just avoids crowds, maintains your distance from people you meet while walking.

But also follow the restrictions in your area by government authorities.

• Try to find ways to exercise at home and keep yourself

active. Try to do yoga, aerobics, dance, or exercise at home by watching online

videos available. There are many things which can be done at home and keep you

fit and healthy. If you keep yourself active, it keeps you in a good mood and

reduces stress.

• Try to avoid the process of medicating yourself, especially

without the advice of a physician. And if you feel depression and anxiety, try

not to use alcohol or other substance to deal with it. It may be possible that you are doing this previously as well , but it’s not a good idea to do that now. As if may

have side-effect and makes you unwell.

• Exercise helps in maintaining physical and mental

health. Try to do relaxation exercises like deep breathing, meditation, or yoga

as it helps your nervous system back to a state of equilibrium from

stress-based nervous system unbalance. If you keep doing this, it offers

significant advantages to your physical and mental health. So try to do that


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