552 Covid-19 New Cases in Mumbai Maharashtra

MUMBAI: Maharashtra had the highest number of COVID-19 cases per day on Sunday. Up to 552 people tested coronavirus-positive, bringing the number of these cases to 4,200, health officials said.

Twelve COVID-19 patients died on Sunday and the death toll in Maharashtra rose to 223, officials said.

So far, 507 COVID-19 patients have been released to the state after recovery, the official said.

When asked about the large number of positive cases and positive cases, another health official said people should understand that coronavirus infection is still growing.

“Aggressive testing, contact tracking, and natural history are the reasons for so many people who have tested positive for COVID-19,” he said.55Of the 12 deaths reported on Sunday, six come from Mumbai, four from Malegaon and one each from the Solapur and Ahmednagar districts. Of the 4,200 cases, Mumbai has recorded 2,724 cases and 132 deaths from COVID-19. The Thane division, which includes Mumbai, has 3,214 cases and 148 deaths, the official said.

The division’s total cases and deaths are as follows: Pune Division 637 and 55, Nashik Division 121 and 10, Kolhapur Division 40 and 1, while Aurangabad Division has 33 cases and three deaths.

There are 12 cases of coronavirus infections in the Latur division, but so far no death. The Akola division has 58 cases and 3 deaths, and the Nagpur division has 72 cases and 1 death due to the global pandemic.

The state has also admitted 13 people from neighboring countries to various hospitals. Two such people died during treatment, the official said.

Maharashtra has seen 72,023 tests so far, 67,673 of which were negative.

There are 368 active security zones in the state. The authorities have formed 6,359 squads that have completed surveillance of 23.97 lakhs.

While 507 patients were discharged after the recovery in the state, 87,254 people are in home quarantine and 6,743 in institutional quarantine, the official said.

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