Fans see their reviews in the OTT release by Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna, Bheeshma

Venky Kudumula’s second film Bheeshma with Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna hit not just one but two OTT platforms.
Fans who seem to be catching up on the film during the ban even tended to #Bheeshma on social media and shared their reviews of the film. They even shared what they liked about Nithiin and Rashmika and their characters, and published articles like: “Throughout the film, @iamRashmika was prettier than ever. Her combination scenes with This is her best performance and character so far. Chaitra #Bheeshma. “(sic) and” #Bheeshma. Best commercial recently. Good social message. @iamRashmikaMam Fascinating performance. “Enti Ra Nee Problem” “Nuvve discussion about Chayadu Nanu Disturbu Chayadu” Super dialogue. Tunnel scene. Video call scene. “(sic)

There were also countless memes, and even Venky Kudumula shared one on social media, giving an insight into what he felt on the editing table during the post-production of the film. “That’s exactly what I feel on the editing table,” he wrote, sharing a meme that shows Subhalekha Sudhakar and Anant Nag’s character, and punctuated the fact that the former had dubbed the latter in the film.


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