Harbhajan Singh lashes out-He should stay in his limits at Shahid Afridi over remarks against India and PM Modi

Shahid Afridi recently made controversial statements against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Afridi has always been a fierce critic of the Indian government, and his recent comments have been sharply criticized in India. Afridi’s arch-rival Gautam Gambhir pounded his comments and said the former batsman is spewing out poison against India and the Prime Minister.

Harbhajan and Yuvraj Singh are two cricketers who accidentally got into the line of fire. Both cricketers helped the Shahid Afridi Foundation fight the coronavirus. Humanitarian efforts were good at heart, but due to Afridi’s attitude towards India attracted a lot of flak.

Harbhajan has not been kind to Afridi’s comments, saying he plans to end his relationship with the former Pakistani captain.

“It is very annoying what Shahid Afridi came up with when he spoke badly about our country and our prime minister. It’s just not acceptable, ”Harbhajan told India Today.

“To be honest, he (Afridi) asked us to appeal for his charity. We have done it in good faith for humanity and for the people who suffer from the corona virus. “Even our prime minister said that coronavirus is a struggle that goes beyond borders, religions and caste. So we were very clear about what we were doing to help the crises.

“But this man (Afridi) speaks badly about our country. I just have to say that we have nothing to do with Shahid Afridi. He has no right to speak badly against our country and he should stay in his country and its borders. ”

Harbhajan went on to say that he did not have to prove his loyalty to the country and was ready to serve at the border if necessary.

“I was born in this country and I will die in this country. I played for my country for over 20 years and won many games for India. Nobody can say that I did anything against my country.

“If my country needs me somewhere today or tomorrow, even at the border, I will be the first to pick up a weapon for my country.”

His relationship with Afridi is now a closed chapter. “One person asks me to make an appeal for the sake of humanity and I have done my part. That’s it. I have no relationship with Shahid Afridi from now on, ”said Harbhajan.

In response to Afridi’s comments, Gambhir wrote: “Pak has 7 lakh forces supported by 20 cr ppl, says 16-year-old @SAfridiOfficial. But begging for cashmere for 70 years. ”

“Jokers like Afridi, Imran & Bajwa can spit out poison against India & PM @narendramodi ji to fool Pak ppl, but Kashmir won’t come until Judgment Day!” Do you remember Bangladesh? ” he added.

Gambhir and Afridi shared intense cricket rivalries when the two played for their respective countries. The former Pakistani all-rounder had given his opinion on Gambhir in his autobiography “The Gamechanger”, which was published in April last year, with whom he met several times on the field during his career.

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