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Yuvraj Singh- A Hero Or Villain

Life is very funny,a superstar of cricket who helps india to win first T20 world cup and also the  player who helps india to win 2011 cricket world cup championship  after  28 year is now blamed for india loss in recently concluded  T20 world cup 2014.



In this world cup , India looks like the team to beat as there is no one playing as good as india did to reach the final.


With that india gone into final as favorites over Srilanka. Virat in full form, Rohit looks consistent throughout the series. Yuvraj Knocks against aussie makes people feel he is back to rock again.


With a dream  to become the T20 champion2014  India and Srilanka gone for the final. But When your luck is not on your side then  you cannot achieve the thing which you wish for. India loses the toss and Indian batting is not really collapse but at the end of 20 over india only manages 130 odd runs with 4 down. In last 24 hour balls india hit only one boundary. No one really able to score. Yuvraj score 21 ball 11 runs. It looks very slow. Also Dhoni and Kholi strike rate is less then 100 in last 24 four balls.


With 130 runs on board and standing against Sri-lanka  experienced batting lineup. Match looks lost at halfway stage only. But Indian bowler really fight till the end but all go in vain . And india loses the match in 17th over.


With this lose India lost the T20 world cup final and every one blame Yuvraj for this lost . Cricket lovers attack his house with stone after India’s defeat.


Lots and lost of debate going around and Some are saying Yuvraj is the villan, some are saying it just the bad day.

But question remain the same, no one ever think that this is the player who helps india to win two world cup, this is the player who hit  6 sixes in one over?The one whos contribution in Indian cricket is never been replaced?


No one thinks how that man feel who fought cancer to gift his ideal Sir Sachin Tendulkar and  Indian people the most precious gift after 28 year to  make India 2011 one day  world cup champion. No one really understands it.

yuvi with sachin
yuvi with sachin


But there is a fact too that Yuvraj no more is the player which we used to see. Either he need to walk away from cricket or need to work hard to  rise again and show the world that still he is the best finisher india has ever produced. He still need to proof no one strike better then him in world cricket.


Lots of question are waiting for answer. What next for yuvraj. With time we all come to know. We wish good luck to Yuvraj and wish he rise again.

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