Charlie Chaplin’s 131st birthday: the first car of the King of Comedy and what made it so special?

Charlie Chaplin – a legend that is still remembered for his outstanding work in the entertainment industry – would have celebrated his 131st birthday today. Let’s take a look at his very first ride!
Today is Charlie Chaplin’s 131st birthday! Charlie Chaplin, one of the most legendary comedians of his time, who is still remembered for his outstanding contribution to the cinema, was definitely a roller coaster ride. In his early life, Charlie was abandoned by his alcoholic father, bringing up his mother, who is believed to be mentally ill. Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin KBE, or better known as Charlie Chaplin, started as a dancer and gradually made a name for himself to rule the paradise of comedy. Charlie Chaplin received a total of three Oscars. Interestingly, Charlie’s daughter Hannah Chaplin played the role of his mother in his biopic “Chaplin”, in which Robert Downey Jr. played the leading role

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