Maa SkandMata

Goddess Skandamata


Goddess Skandamata (??????????)


Origin – Goddess Skandamata or Maa Parvati is the mother of Lord Skanda (also known as Lord Kartikeya/Murugan).

Navratri Day of Worship – Goddess Skandamata is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri.

Ruling Planet – She governs the planet Budha (Mercury).

Idol – Goddess Skandamata mounts on the lion. She carries baby (infant) Murugan in her lap which signifies that the Goddess looks after the whole universe like her own child. Goddess Skandamata possesses three eyes and four hands. In her upper two hands she carries lotus flowers, she keeps the other right hand in Abhaya Mudra (gestures of stopping harm) and the left arm is in pose to grant boons; Varada Mudra with grace. Skandamata is also known as Goddess Padmasana because she sits on lotus flower.

Details – The complexion of Goddess Skandamata is Shubhra (?????) – white/bright complexion. Devotees who worship Goddess Skandamata get the benefit of worshipping Lord Kartikeya. Goddess Skandmata is the goddess of the solar system. The Goddess is very loving and motherly and showers her motherly love, immense happiness and prosperity on her devotees. The devotee is blessed with good health if he/she offers Alsi to the goddess.

It is believed that by the grace of Skandmata, even the fool becomes an ocean of knowledge.

Stuti –

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Maa SkandMata
Maa SkandMata

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