After Jaya Bachchan’s parliamentary speech, safety in front of Bachchan’s house

Mumbai: Security at Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan was increased a day after she spoke strongly in parliament against what she described as attempts to denigrate the film industry on allegations of substance abuse related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death investigation. Mumbai Police have provided extra security outside of Jalsa, the iconic Bachchan bungalow in Juhu. Police called it a precautionary measure after Jaya Bachchan was viciously trolled after her speech on social media.
Jaya Bachchan, a Samajwadi party member, told actor and BJP MP Ravi Kishan on Tuesday in Rajya Sabha about his comments on drugs in Bollywood: “Just because of some people you can’t tarnish the whole industry … Jis thaali me khaate hain usi me chched map hain, “she said.


Even when 72-year-old Jaya Bachchan received tremendous support from many in Bollywood after her fiery speech, a large section of social media users criticized her statements with hashtags like #ShameOnJayaBachchan on Twitter.

Actor Kangana Ranaut also hit the veteran actor, asking if Ms. Bachchan would react in the same way if her daughter or son were affected.

Today 33-year-old actress Jaya Bachchan attacked again in a post in Hindi: “What plate did Jaya-ji and her branch give? … I taught this branch feminism and decorated the plate with patriotic and feminist films. This is mine Teller, Jaya-ji, not yours. “

“What the spine looks like”: Support for Jaya Bachchan from Bollywood
Across the political divide, Ms. Bachchan’s testimony was supported by veteran actor and BJP MP Hema Malini, who said Bollywood will “always be held in high esteem” and that no one can get over allegations like drugs and nepotism in a flash. In an emotional defense for the film industry, she told NDTV, “I’ve got names, fame, respect, everything from this industry … it really feels hurtful.

The security for the Bachchans in Mumbai has been interpreted by many as the Maharashtra government’s response to the Centre’s move to offer Y-plus security to Kangana Ranaut in their dispute with the Shiv Sena over their remarks on Mumbai.

The Shiv Sena accused their bitter allied rival BJP of supporting Kangana Ranaut in a political game.

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