China updates COVID-19 prevention, control guidelines

The Chinese National Health Commission released the latest (seventh) version of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines on Tuesday, which revised content such as the etiological and epidemiological characteristics of COVID-19, as well as epidemic monitoring and management.

In the latest version, it was emphasized that the disease is mainly transmitted via respiratory droplets and close contact. In certain versions, there is a risk of infection when people are exposed to contaminated objects or environments under certain conditions.

If five or more cases linked by the same exposure site are confirmed, it is considered a cluster of infection, according to the guidelines, where the occurrence of two or more such confirmed cases was identified as a cluster of infections in previous versions.

To facilitate epidemiological investigations, the latest version contains, among other things, specific criteria for imported cases, new infections in connection with imported cases and close contacts.

Following a COVID-19 test at the ports of entry, passengers entering the mainland should spend seven days in isolation centers for medical observation and perform another test before completing the quarantine as per guidelines.

If the test result is negative, passengers from outside the mainland can isolate themselves at home for an additional seven days before being able to travel freely, the guidelines added.

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